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The majority of people think they’re better-than-average drivers, and mathematically, not everyone can be above average. Being optimistic is excellent, and too much may impair your judgment on many things, especially when planning for your financial future.

Being optimistic is valuable as we live our life. Frequently, overconfidence bias leads quickly to confirmation bias, and both of these biases are problematic, especially when combined.   However, sometimes our abilities begin to skew toward unrealistic, which can impair decision-making behavior.

Either alone or combined, these biases are often linked to us believing we can avoid negative things from happening to us. When it comes to retirement planning decisions, you need to separate your biases from reality; this can present a challenge.

Overconfidence in your retirement planning may cause you to overlook potential risks, underestimate the time spent in retirement, and misjudge how long your income will last. Seeing the bigger picture through another set of impartial eyes is crucial and will help you sidestep the influence of biases. Finding ways to work around these biases will allow you to see the value of long-term planning. 

Let’s be realistic about the financial future:

  • Over 50% of retirees retired before they planned; the most common reason was health problems. Illness can occur at any time and may lengthen your retirement requiring savings to stretch farther than planned. 
  • 50% of retirees said their healthcare costs were higher than expected. 
  • Almost 40% said all other expenses were more than they thought. 

It’s essential to understand no one can avoid retirement risks; however, careful planning can help mitigate them.

While overconfidence can undermine the success of a long-term financial plan, clients who are secure in their decisions will likely be satisfied customers. It would be best if you found a balance between an optimistic yet realistic approach to planning.

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Knowing financial terms and other surplus jargon is irrelevant to one’s personal financial situation. However, knowing some financial terms is marginally helpful to one’s general well being. Understanding how the Fed uses the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to implement monetary policy through Open Market Operations (OMOs) as they direct the Federal Reserve Bank of NY’s Trading Desk to buy securities – is not in the least bit helpful.

In my view, the solution to tackling the debt, saving, and poor knowledge dilemma is teaching people how to make better decisions. Personal Financial Proficiency (PFP) in a manner that allows them to make smart financial decisions in their personal lives, their professional lives, or maybe in their business lives

There is so much information, programs, and courses focusing on financial literacy today; most of them are of little value and waste time. Countless studies have shown that many people fail basic financial questions when asked, and many have so little savings that they can’t handle a $2,000 emergency. 

Teaching financial proficiency through my Foundation Building program is simple; it takes real-life situations and breaks them down so you can apply real-life fixes. The big difference with the Foundation Building program is that they learn these solutions through short 15-minute programs. 

In creating these programs, I reversed and engineered over the last four decades the excuses people used for not having enough saved or accumulated debt, etc. I have heard every excuse you can imagine, and I took all those reasons why they couldn’t and designed solutions so they could. Sadly, the lack of sufficient savings and spending habits is not a problem for just the working poor; it dramatically affects people earning over $250,000 as well. These classes are designed for everyone to get proficient in PFP.

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The SECURE act is a Tax bomb in disguise. Many people saved large retirement accounts where they thought a big chunk of it would be left over for their beneficiaries. The beneficiaries used to be able to take withdrawals from the inherited funds over their lifetimes. Taking the money over their lifetime was known as the stretch IRA.

Under the SECURE act, all of the inherited IRAs, 401(k), etc., money will have to be withdrawn and taxed within ten years after death. This change is known as the ten-year rule.

This new ten-year rule allowed beneficiaries, or so they thought, that the money could be left to compound for those ten years. However, the IRS had different ideas. They did not want to wait ten years to get their significant share. The IRS ruled that the money would be subjected to required distributions each year during the ten years, and the inherited accounts and those forced required distributions would take big chunks out of the growth.


People tend to get involved in the fine print for workarounds-there are none. The IRS needs money badly to fund the US’s spending. In case you didn’t know, the government spends more each year than it takes in. Therefore what better place to get big tax dollars than from someone who is not around to complain?

While it may seem that this tax-grab situation looks dismal, tax-saving moves can be used to make the most of a challenging situation. 

There are a few options that may have some significant tax breaks. Suppose you want to create a source of tax-free income for retirement or family. In that case, you need to consider a Roth IRA. Although subject to limits and rules, the Roth should be reviewed. Another option widely gaining popularity is a new “special” type of life insurance. This new product comes with much higher limits, fewer restrictions, and greater flexibility. A more practical option is to use a combination of both to maximize all the benefits.

Converting to these options while the market is down minimizes the tax liability and allows for more significant tax-free growth when the markets rebound.

The tax time bomb does have a ticking clock, so you must take advantage of the 2017 tax reform legislation because those lower tax rates are temporary and set to expire after 2025.

There are many additional considerations when determining to make changes.


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WATCH: Blackrock CEO’s Huge Crypto News for 2023!

BlackRock is the largest asset management company in the world with $10 Trillion in assets under management.

Recently BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, explains (in detail) how there’s a complete reset in the global economy.

He discusses the effects of high inflation due to the European war, along with the inflation of the US dollar, but also predicts inflation (particularly US inflation) will decline rapidly.

In a recent interview, Fink rolls out Blackrock’s long term investment strategy that includes a surprisingly heavy bull position on crypto despite the current collapse of the decentralized token market due to the downfall of FTX.

Check out the full interview below…



You Have a Book In You


Best Seller TV, the only show dedicated to covering today’s best-selling business books on C-Suite TV,  is announcing a new season starting with a new episode featuring Mark Victor Hansen, author of You Have a Book In You: Make Money With Your Story.

Mark Victor Hansen is known for co-authoring the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and has written a total of 309 books, including his most recent, You Have a Book In You: Make Money With Your Story. The purpose of this book is to serve as a reminder for anyone to “plug back into their genius.” Hansen believes that everyone has a story to tell. He says, “What writing does is it refines you, refines your spirit, your soul, and your heart. It defines who you are.” He stresses that writing is the outlet that allows people out of their own confinement.

Hansen says throughout his travels around the world promoting Chicken Soup, people often asked him “Can I tell you my story? That sparked an idea about writing a book that featured several stories about several successful writers and what catapulted them into greatness, including Michael Crichton. He says, “Michael is a great writer because you get intrigued by the people.” He adds, “All of us are supposed to have peaking life experiences and writing a book does get you out of mediocrity, gets you out of your complacency.”

Hansen has collaborated with many industry giants as well as many others in the age spectrum – from a 4-year old, to 98-year old Art Linkletter.

It is essential that everyone writes their story – whatever that is, to leave it as a legacy, as ancestral wealth because “the world needs more intellect, more thinking, more spirit, and brightness and expand those opportunities for everybody.


All episodes of Best Seller TV air on C-Suite TV and are hosted by TV personality, Taryn Winter Brill.

Best-selling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett created Best Seller TV to give top-tier business authors a forum for sharing thought-provoking insights, in-depth business analysis, and their compelling personal narratives.

“Mark Victor and I go way back and he has an incredible ability to weave a story that’s compelling and memorable,” Hayzlett said. “He’s someone that has written 309 books and believes everyone should write a book. His credibility on the subject is unparalleled and we’re honored to have him on the show.”

For more information on TV episodes, visit www.csuiteold.c-suitenetwork.com/tv and for more information about the authors featured in Best Seller TV episodes, visit www.c-suitebookclub.com.

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Recent Video Explains Why Sri Lanka Just Declared Bankruptcy…

Sri Lanka Just Announced They Are Bankrupt. And Out of Fuel…

A country thriving and wealthy in 2012 just announced they are bankrupt in 2022.

Before it’s recent bankruptcy Sri Lanka  had a thriving economy. In fact its economy grew at an accelerated rate, ranked above Singapore, Ireland, and South Korea.

Located in the center of the world’s most important shipping location, the country was set up to be a world economic import superpower. But a crisis hit…

On Tuesday, the country’s president, Ranil Wickremesinghe, told the Sri Lankan parliament that the country is not only bankrupt and that it also has no fuel left. Government employees have been told to stay home due to fuel unavailability.

Inflation spiked 54.6% in a year and is expected to hit 60% soon, and transportation costs have gone up 128% in only one month, according to Bloomberg.

At the G7 Summit last month, the US pledged $20 million to assist Sri Lankans in the fight for food security. This came in addition to a previously donated amount of $12 million.

But despite global assistance, the nightmare is far from over for Sri Lanka. Premier Wickremesinghe said that the country was participating in negotiations as a bankrupt state, and the worse is yet to come…

“Due to the state of bankruptcy our country is in, we have to submit a plan on our debt sustainability to (the IMF) separately. Only when they are satisfied with that plan can we reach an agreement at the staff level. This is not a straightforward process,” he said, and CNN reported.

A recent video explains the full story.



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Is This the End of Shopify? Shopify Lays Off 10% of Employees

Shopify Inc. SHOP 1.90% is cutting roughly 1,000 workers, or 10% of its global workforce, rolling back a bet on e-commerce growth the technology company made during the pandemic, according to recently shared internal memo.

Leaving many people wondering why?

According to the Wallstreeet Journal reported today, Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke says company made wrong bet on pandemic-fueled boom in e-commerce growth.

The main reason for the layoffs was rapid hiring to accommodate increased ecommerce shopping trends.

Basically, Shopify was betting on that the rapid Covid-era lock downs would increase in ecommerce shopping would continue as a trend, hastening a greater adoption of online shopping.

That didn’t happen…At least not for Shopify.


What is Shopify?

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify is an e-commerce service that allows merchants to quickly build and customize websites for selling products online. In addition to plan fees, Shopify makes its money in part by taking a percentage of customer transactions. In short, they are a platform that enables users to create drop shipping sites.



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WATCH: Olive Oil and Tomatoes Will Cost More Now. Here’s Why…

Northern Italy’s worst drought in 70 years is about to take a big hit on olive oil and tomato prices.

Farmers say the drought could dramatically impact crops on olive oil, tomatoes, and rice resulting in yet another increase in prices for these products.

The Italian government declared a state of emergency in northern regions of Italy as the weather dried out entire stretches of the Po River, the countries longest river and major source of water irrigation for the north of Italy.

The drought has already cost billions of dollars in damage to Italian crops resulting in higher prices around the world…




Italy embraces as their severe drought dries up it’s longest river (the Po River). The Po River irrigates one of the biggest bread baskets in Europe. And it’s all dried up.

Farmers are extremely exhausted, and the situation is only getting worse. Here is a video of how the river depletion is causing havoc on the region…



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WATCH: Will Electric Cars Save the Planet? Or Just Propaganda?

In a recent episode Valutainment’s Patrick Bet-David breaks down the myths surrounding the electric vehicle debate.

Which is timely considering Biden just announced that by 2030 50% of American cars need to be electric or EV’s.



But it’s obviously a  little bit more complicated than that.

Here’s why…

Patrick Bet David Breaks Down the Argument For & Against Having EV’s:

In a recent post the Valutainment team investigates and breaks down the argument for and against the environmental impact of the electric vehicle industry. Patrick breaks down;

  • Which industry will benefit the most from EVPS?
  • Who is hurt by EVs?
  • Are EV’s the new Diesel Scandal?


What is Valuetainment?

Valutainment is an entrepreneur channel created by Serial Entrepreneur, Patrick Bet-David. Valuetainment is referred to as the best channel for entrepreneurs with weekly How To’s, Motivation and interviews with unique individuals. About PBD: During the Iranian Revolution of 1978, Patrick’s family had to escape to survive and ended up living at a refugee camp in Erlangen, Germany. At 12 years old Patrick found himself collecting cans & beer bottles to raise money that could help his family and get him a Nintendo.
Thinking of buying an electric vehicle? Read this first…
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How Rich Can You Get on YouTube?

Turns out, pretty rich actually. But how much money are we talking about?

For starters, according to a study, becoming a professional YouTuber has officially become the most desirable  jobs on the planet.

Which makes sense given some of the biggest YouTubers are generating more money than professional athletes.

The amount of money they are generating is pretty crazy. Here are some of the top content creators on YouTube with the highest earnings.


These Top YouTubers Are Making How Much Money?

  1. Ryan’s World — $22 million
  2. Jake Paul – $21.5 million
  3. Dude Perfect – $20 million
  4. Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) – $18.5 million
  5. Jeffree Star – $18 million
  6. Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) – $17.5 million
  7. Evan Fong (VanossGaming) – $17 million
  8. Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye) – $16 million
  9. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) – $15.5 million
  10. Logan Paul – $14.5 million


Which begs the question, how many views do you have to get on your YouTube channel to get a fat paycheck?

How Much Can You Make Off Your YouTube Videos?

YouTubers charge brands anywhere from $10 to $50 per 1,000 views, depending on the estimated amount of total views for the pending video. If the video hits 1 million views, then the YouTuber makes anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

Crazy right? But there’s a little more to it than that. Here’s the catch…

The Truth About Making Money on YouTube

The vast majority of YouTubers don’t make any money and despite how easy people think it is. Creating a quality YouTube audience and content is a hell of a lot harder than most people think. And it’s only getting harder…

It’s a competitive marketplace. As of 2022, there are more than 51 million YouTube channels out there. The number of channels is growing strong: last year it grew by 36%. People all around the world are creating a YouTube channel, and uploading 500 hours of video every minute.

But obstacles be damned, if you’re up to the task and are interested in cashing in on the billions of people tuning in to watch YouTube videos (and ads), here’s a video that breaks down exactly how to make money using the giant cash printing machine: