Allison Shapira- Speak with Impact

Allison Shapira, author of Speak with Impact: How to Command and Influence Others, says she wanted to write a book that took her public speaking methodology to a wider audience. Shapira noticed many books in the marketplace that talked about public speaking, but few walked readers through the process of writing, practicing, and delivering a speech in a short amount of time. She says the book is aimed at busy professionals who don’t feel they have the time to fully prepare to speak publicly. However, public speaking doesn’t have to be in front of a large audience. Shapira defines it as, ‘any time you speak to one or more people’ in order to achieve a goal. She works with multiple c-suite executives as well as leadership teams and emerging leaders to perfect their communication skills and take them to the next level. So whether it’s an interview, a conference call or a presentation, we are always engaging in a form of public speaking.