Debbie Allen – Success is Easy

Debbie Allen, author of Success is Easy: Shameless, No Nonsense Strategies to Win in Business, wrote the book to help change mindsets on a broader scale about how people accept failure and how they accept success. Allen is a firm believer that success is constantly around us, but that we need to grasp it and choose what we do with all the information we acquire. Her main motivation to write the book was to encourage people never to accept failure and change mindsets to continue to develop relationships and skills that help you grow to the next level. As a very successful entrepreneur, Allen wants to share her success with those who are still searching and provide the connections to help others get ahead because entrepreneurship “is a lonely planet.” She also suggests how using the words “shameless” and “no nonsense” in the title is a reflection of who she is – shameless is just another word for “scrappy entrepreneur” and no nonsense is how she gives it to everyone in her circle.