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Scott Arden

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Over the last 25 years, Scott L. Arden has been a leading expert in Corporate Structure, Compliance, Asset Protection Strategies & Creation of Generational Wealth. He has advised thousands of business owners, sole proprietors, and investors directly, one-on-one. He has also been able to help tens of thousands of business owners as a National Speaker and Coach at hundreds of business development, wealth building/preservation & real estate Investment conferences throughout the country. Scott has had the pleasure of accompanying some of the industry’s biggest names on stage. Scott is an incalculable asset of wisdom, patience and experience. He has the unique gift of being able to get inside a project at its inception, think out from within the vision and objectives of the Founder(s), and see miles ahead of what anyone could possibly see when just starting. He connects the dots fast, asks the right questions and heads off problems before they arise. Most of all, he leads from a genuine passion for helping companies succeed, specifically to be in full compliance and stay on top of complex legalities at every step. Instilled with these insights and understandings, he founded Controllers Ltd., which is a Strategic Planning & Compliance firm in Reno, Nevada.