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What is the Best Line to be In?

“There’s a thin line that separates the aspects of your life. To control those aspects, take note of when the line is fraying.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

Have you considered that you stand in many lines throughout your life? Some lines are long – some are short. But do you know what makes either the best line to be in – and why you should consider it? The answer is, lines lead to wherever you’re going in the next phase of your life. They also dictate how you feel as you enter that journey.

You’ll be boarding the plane shortly. The pathway to the entrance of the plane is separated by a thin hard-plastic strip. A sign on one side of the strip indicates that it’s for priority and first-class passengers. The other side says, economy. The boarding path is about 4-feet wide. That means the only thing that separates the boarding process between first-class and economy is that little hard-plastic strip. And it’s less than an eighth of an inch in width. Oh yeah, on the first-class boarding side, there’s a carpet with a sheen on it. Do you have a sense of priority about yourself, a sense that makes you feel first-class?

Change in Mindset:

Let’s change the scenario slightly. You’re still boarding through the first-class side. But you have 5 of your closest friends with you. Somehow, when you booked your flight, you were the only one that secured a first-class ticket. Thus, your friends are sitting in coach. How do you feel in comparison to them and how does that affect the relationships you have with your friends? Whatever it is, that line had an impact on it. It may be slight, but nevertheless, there was an impact.

In reality, the best lines you stand in throughout your life are the ones that protect your emotions while casting the status you wish to project. Those are the two factors that you can use to assess which is the best line to be in.

Here’s the point. Many times, I’m sure you obsess about being in a line that moves too slowly, or one that gives you a lower sense of status. But when all is said and done, the best line to be in is the one that makes you feel your best. And you’re the one that controls that feeling. So, if you know where you’re headed and you make the proper preparations to get there, the right line will avail itself to you. And even if it doesn’t do so at the time that you think is right, believe enough in yourself right then to know that the right moment will soon be right at hand … and everything will be right with the world.

What does this have to do with negotiations?

Depending on the strategy that you plan to implement during the negotiation, it may behoove you to be viewed as being aligned or misaligned with the other negotiator. That means, you must be aware of when and where you draw a ‘line in the sand’ – give the other negotiator a deadline – or make an offer that pushes him over the line. In every situation, you’re forcing him into a line of decision making. If that position doesn’t serve you, don’t jeopardize the negotiation by pursuing it. Check your line of thought and reasoning.

You should always plan your negotiation with clarity and a sense of direction in mind. The way you implement that process will determine the degree of success you’ll experience. And that hinges on the lines of thought that you invoke in the mind of the other negotiator.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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