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From Wall Street to the White House and Back: The Scaramucci Guide to Unbreakable Resilience

9. Anthony Scaramucci

Book Description

Learn from the successes, the fights, and the failures of businessman and former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

Have you just been fired? Did that job you were hoping to get not pan out? Did you recently end up embarrassing yourself in a major way in front of people you really wanted to impress?

Not to worry. There’s a way out of whatever you’re going through, and Anthony Scaramucci—or “The Mooch,” as he’s known to his friends—is the perfect person to point you in the right direction. Whatever you’re going through, he’s been through it already. Probably twice. And he’s learned a whole lot of lessons along the way.

In From Wall Street to the White House and Back, the Mooch sets down twenty-five of these lessons. Along the way, he tells wild tales from his time working in finance, politics, and a few strange places in between.

Readers will spend time in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump, visit the Bahamas with the disgraced crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried, and encounter pearls of wisdom from a few other unlikely sources in the world of business, national politics, and publishing.

If you’re interested in Eminem, Leo Tolstoy, Sigmund Freud, or Tony Robbins—all of whom are mentioned at least once in these pages—and you want to learn from the mistakes of one of the all-time great mistake-makers of our age, jump in.

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