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Reimagining America's Dream

1. Bernie J. Mullin

Book Description

When Bernie J. Mullin first arrived in the United States in the 1970s, he saw his new home as a land of unrivaled opportunity. In the fifty years since, he has embraced everything that America has to offer. Bernie’s American journey has seen him rise from college student to pioneer of a new academic discipline, and from small business owner to senior roles at some of America’s most beloved sports institutions. But as his own star rose, Bernie watched in alarm as the ties that bind America together began to come loose. Reimagining America’s Dream is his prescription for the fever that is pulling America apart.

This book follows Bernie through five decades spent in pursuit of the American dream. It shows that the American dream has become increasingly unattainable for many of this country’s citizens. And as that dream fades, so the fabric of our nation begins to fray. To grasp the promise of an ever-more perfect union, we need a common purpose, a shared story that anyone can write in the pages of their own life.

Reimagining America’s Dream maps a path forward for our nation. It offers a prescription for our current ills and a positive vision for a future in which every American can realize the fruits of their talents and labor. It shows how we can make the American dream attainable for all.

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