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I Persist

8. Patricia Smith

Book Description

I Persist, the biography of Dr. Patricia V. Smith, provides a firsthand perspective of Patricia’s incredible journey from the streets of Spanish Town, Jamaica, to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur.

Patricia experienced some of the most grueling and difficult things brought upon the life of a child. Her story highlights the value of persistence, the impact of abandonment, and the importance of willpower in the presence of continued adversity. Just imagine a child facing adversity, suffering, frustration, and hardship, digging deep for that spare tank of gas, exercising extraordinary courage, determination, and the will to live. That is the hallmark and tenet of the unique Finnish concept of sisu.

Through perseverance and sheer determination, she escaped the horrors of the past and persisted to become the incredibly successful and powerful businesswoman she is today. This powerful story of persistence will inspire many people, especially women, who have come from and experienced less opportune circumstances. Patricia’s story inspires the will and hope that they too can emerge victorious.

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