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EntreThrive: The Entrepreneur's Eight Laws to Accelerate Financial Freedom While Creating The Good Life

4. Aaron Marcum

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What Lies Between You and The Good Life?

There’s a myth that the entrepreneur can flourish in either life or business. The “Lie of the Either/Or” claims you cannot achieve both. The sad reality is that many entrepreneurs fall victim to this lie, believing the only way to succeed is to suffer.

Author Aaron Marcum can relate. In his past entrepreneurial journey, he found himself borrowing $100 to attend a family reunion and sleeping under a desk, to maintain the hustle. Married with six kids, he’d pop home for a quick dinner and dash back to the office to work until the early morning. Overwhelmed and exhausted, his body and brain told him something had to change.

Life and business transformed when he discovered The Eight EntreThrive™ Laws which helped him eliminate unhealthy stress, flourish personally, and create the good life:

  1. You believe in a better way and a bigger world.
  2. Who goes with you will determine where you end up
  3. Your staying power is fueled by passionate persistence.
  4. Your why illuminates your way.
  5. Your future is brighter than what you can see and feel.
  6. Ultimate performance flows from your daily focus.
  7. The energy you carry carries you.
  8. By owning your failures, you can experience limitless freedom.

Today Aaron shares this powerful model—through his coaching, speaking, and masterminds—with humbly confident entrepreneurs and organizations.

It’s time to flourish—starting today.

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