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Smaller is Better: Using Small Autonomous Teams to Drive the Future of Enterprise

5. Brady Brim-DeForest

Book Description

Small is the next big thing.

When working for a large organization, weeks can pass before leadership makes important decisions that affect you and your team. Meanwhile, you’re on the hook to deliver products that don’t actually serve the customer—products you know you could improve, if given the opportunity.

After years of consulting for Fortune 1000 companies, Brady Brim-DeForest understands the drawbacks of working in giant, siloed environments. His book, Smaller is Better, shows you how to use the small, empowered teams model to radically recharge your workplace, make better products, and deliver a phenomenal customer experience. All with better employee engagement and retention!

Smaller is Better uses real-world examples of companies who have saved billions and shaved years off their development cycles through small teams. Discover how to form nimble, autonomous teams, optimize them for mission, and scale across your organization. Improve both innovation and delivery while amping up customer satisfaction. Best of all, learn ways to get full buy-in from company leaders—and how you can “start small” today, with or without C-suite support.

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