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Elite Performance for Managers: The Essential Steps for Transforming Your Career, Life, and Destiny

2. Talbot A. Stark

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Are you ready to take control of your career, life, and destiny by becoming an elite performer?

This isn’t just another career book. Elite Performance for Managers is a guide that delivers on its promise to revolutionize your professional journey. Talbot A. Stark uses his unique triad of experience in international finance, the US military, and Silicon Valley to share life-changing knowledge that challenges you to be accountable for your career and take control of your destiny.

Whether you’re a newly appointed manager or a senior executive, Stark has incredible insights and tactics that you can use to accelerate your career and lead your team to unparalleled levels of productivity. His pioneering Elite Performance Pillars™ methodology provides an unprecedented way for managers to become best-in-class by mastering three powerful concepts:

 Pillar I: Being a Better You means recognizing that accountability is everything, yet relying solely on results is no longer enough.
● Pillar II: Being a Better Manager requires replacing the traditional concept of delegation with the symbiotic process of partnering.
 Pillar III: Managing Your Manager enables you to change your relationship with your manager by being “amazingly predictable” in their world of uncertainty.

These concepts are mission-critical to becoming an elite performer, yet often slip through the cracks of typical career guides and executive coaching programs. Elite Performance for Managers fills those gaps so you can unleash your full potential and transform your career into a dynamic journey aligned with your greatest aspirations.

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