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The Setback Cycle: How Defining Moments Can Move Us Forward

4. Amy Shoenthal

Book Description

How do you know if you’re going through a setback? And once you realize you’re in one, how do you work through it?

Some of the world’s most prominent leaders attribute their setbacks to the reason they found success. Their lowest moments paved the way for their creative rebirth. Through the four phases of The Setback Cycle—Establish, Embrace, Explore, and Emerge—Amy Shoenthal guides readers on how to make sense of their experiences, gain clarity on what comes next, and move confidently into future endeavors. That framework, developed through research and conversations with scholars, psychologists, neuroscientists, and executive coaches is supported through the deeply personal stories of founders and leaders like fashion icons Stacy London and Norma Kamali, fitness instructors Robin Arzón and Kendall Toole, chef Palak Patel, non-binary beauty influencer Cyrus Veyssi, and inspirational founders like Cate Luzio, Erica Taylor, Amanda Goetz, and more.

Whether you’re stuck in a rut after a breakup or trying to navigate an unexpected professional transition, The Setback Cycle offers guidance on how to take yourself through your toughest moments and forge a stronger path forward.

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