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Million Dollar Weekend: The Surprisingly Simple Way to Launch a 7-Figure Business in 48 Hours

9. Noah Kagan, Tahl Raz

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The founder and CEO of AppSumo.com, Noah Kagan, knows how to launch a seven-figure business in a single weekend—and he’s done it seven times. Million Dollar Weekend will show you how.

Now is the best time in history for entrepreneurship. More than ever, the world needs new businesses and it’s cheaper than ever to create them.

And, let’s be frank: most day jobs suck. People spend too much time doing too much work for too little money—and they know it. They want out.

But, if the barriers to starting a business are getting lower and lower, why is it SO HARD TO DO for SO MANY PEOPLE? Why are there so many wantrepreneurs playing at business on social media and so few entrepreneurs actually running them?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to work for yourself, or start a side-hustle, but it all feels too risky and unpredictable?  
  • Have you spent time or money on things like websites and logos, but still have no customers?  
  • Are you brainstorming endlessly and waiting for the perfect idea to strike? 

All those Frequent Excuses are solvable. The plan is simple—so simple it can be completed in a single weekend, but so powerful that Kagan has used it to build seven businesses now worth more than $1 million:

  • Find your Creator’s Courage to overcome your fear and have fun! 
  • Use the “Million Dollar Weekend” Process to get customers EXCITED to give you money. 
  • Automate your business so it can grow while you sleep. 

By Monday, you’ll have a market-tested, scalable business idea and you’ll be a entrepreneur on the path to seven figures. Million Dollar Weekend is the path to creating your dream life and attaining financial freedom. LFG.

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