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Are you Financially Healthy? – 7 Simple Action Steps to Beat Financial Stress

While tax season has come and gone, it’s not the only time we deal with financial stress. From budget planning, P&L, and quarterly reports to payroll and accounts receivable financial stress can be a constant throughout the year regardless of the nature or size of your business.

In a recent survey 7 out of 10 people claimed to be stressed about money and debt. Loss of sleep and anxiety are some of the most common health challenges we might experience. A study shows 27% will suffer from ulcers and digestive issues, 44% from migraines, 23% from severe depression and 6% will experience heart attacks.

Chronic stress has caused a rise in healthcare costs only to create further expenses for the individual, increase the debt, leading to more stress thus creating a vicious cycle.

What does a high-performer do to stay healthy? They make sure to cover, business, health habits and mindset. While on the business side, you would consult your CFO and accounting team to provide you the proper financial advice, what do you do to handle those nights your mind is racing?

Here are seven practical health solutions:

1. Create a physical avenue to channel out your stress levels. Exercise is a great way to do that. Walk, hike, run, dance – especially for those with high energy people that need to be active.

2. Need a calming activity? Take a Yoga or Tai Chi class – meditation thru movement, allowing you to focus on your body and your breathing.

3. Create daily quiet time for breath work. Deep breathing delivers oxygen to the muscles allowing toxins to move out and reduce the tension. Breathe in thru your nose to a count of 4 hold for a count of 4 and breathe out through your mouth to a count of 4.

4. Learn to meditate – You don’t need to chant “Om” and sit in silence for an hour “attempting to clear your mind.” I know that is a reason some people tend to shy away from meditation. If you choose, you can follow a guided meditation/relaxation program You can listen to instrumental “New Age” music or just sit in the quiet for 10 minutes a day without distractions focus on your breath, close your eyes if you choose and think of just being in peace. Meditation practiced before bedtime will help you get a better night’s sleep.

5. Eat healthy, balanced nutritional meals, avoid sweets, alcohol, and high carbs – they will add to your stress and to your waist.

6. Drink plenty of water to clear out the toxins in your body.

7. Get self-care – stress affects your health. See a chiropractor, massage therapist or bodyworker regularly to reduce the effects on your nerve system and strengthen your immune system.

Those activities will help reverse the negative physical effects of financial stress in your life.
What about mindset? That’s a story for another time…