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Business and Marketing Secrets from the Founder of Indiegogo

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About David Mandelbrot

David Mandelbrot became the CEO of Indiegogo in early 2016 after spending over two years as COO and SVP of Operations at the company.

Indiegogo is one of the world’s largest crowding funding sites, raising more than $950-million for projects in more than 223 countries and territories. Indiegogo assists in the crowdfunding campaigns through the whole product cycle — not just the fundraising, but also with the marketing, manufacture and retail, and that’s only possible through our strategic business partners.

“Indiegogo is a launchpad for entrepreneurial and creative ideas of every shape and size. There is no better place to validate, fund and launch your product. Hundreds of millions of dollars are raised each year on Indiegogo to enable entrepreneurs and creators to take their ideas from concept to launch.”