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PR & Marketing Secrets for a Successful Book Launch

Finally! You finished your book and it is ready to publish! You’ve spent months – possibly even years – perfecting this literary masterpiece and now that the hard work is over, it’s time to sit back and let the royalties roll in…If only it were that simple.   

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Need to Know Leadership Tips for 2019

Great leaders inspire confidence and respect at every level. Karin Hurt and David Dye help you focus on what matters most to transform your customer and employee experience with world-class leadership development, leadership keynote speaking, and leadership training. In this Brains Behind It episode, we go in depth with internationally recognized leadership experts, husband and wife Karin Hurt & David Dye. This inspiring couple has traveled and worked with thousands of managers in companies throughout the world, offering leadership training tools and techniques are designed to be very practical and easy to use so you and your managers can start getting results right away.

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Business and Marketing Secrets from the Founder of Indiegogo

“The Brains Behind It” is a podcast and YouTube show on Brainhackers.com. In this series we talk to owners of top businesses and showcase the masterminds behind their success. In this episode, I was honored to have interviewed the CEO of Indiegogo David Mandelbrot. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get a leg-up in the business world at all stages of their journey.

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