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How To Ethically Create New Capital From Thin Air

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How To Ethically Create New Capital From Thin Air

On Capitalizing Your Cashflow even if sales or income are on a low curve

*Disclaimer: The contents of this article are solely meant for your own personal considerations and thus they are in no way meant as any legal, financial, medical or other professional advice for which you would otherwise consult or hire an expert or respective specialist. In other words, this article is solely meant for you to think and ponder the meaning of certain concepts and ideas without tying direct practical or productive consequences to them. Doing that is dependent on where you are now, what kind of business you run, and the responsibilities and actions you take to get to where you want to go. So, the author cannot be held responsible for those consequences. You are responsible for your own actions and deeds that could follow from working with these concepts and ideas. It’s about ethics, both in terms of business ethics as well as in terms of even higher standards of general human conduct. Respect and honor that, for yourself, for your loved ones, for your colleagues and even for humankind as a whole.


Have you ever had a downturn on investments but needed a fast cash injection at the same time?

It can be a rough place to be in indeed. And although it seems like it’s a numbers game mostly, there’s something deeper laying at cause. More on that later.

But first, let’s ponder the question what a cash injection really is these days…

  • Is it coins and bills?
  • Is it currency and flow?
  • Is it new capital and value?
  • Or is it simply a matter of interplaying digits and assets that create a specific type of balance and supply?

There’s merit in all four of these options. And having them working together might very well be the solution to the question we started with.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, for there is a quintessence that makes sense of all four of them. And that quintessence needs to become clear first. More on that in a moment.

Let’s begin though with understanding a bit more about the process of creation. Because the process of creation can help you with capitalizing your cashflow. It could pay you many dividends. Even if sales or income are currently on a low curve.

Thin Air

If you want to have something, that would mean that you don’t have it already. It may exist already in some physical form. But that doesn’t necessarily has to be the case. So, how do you then get from not having it to having it, in other words, from creating the very thing you want as being part of your existence?

>>There is a real order of reality<< When you understand that order you can literally create something ‘from thin air’. An example would be this very article you’re reading right now. It didn’t exist before I wrote it. But I did want to create it. So I tapped into the creation process and constructed it ‘from thin air’.

Now it’s a form of capital in the form of content – an online asset these days. Placed on a website that generates traffic, i.e. readers, it now has also become part of a certain flow, a flow that could lead to currency.

In other words, when you want a fast cash injection, creating something ‘from thin air’ could very well be the way to get that done. And there are indeed many shapes and forms in which this creation process could then play out.

There are too many of those shapes and forms to name here though. But they all have one thing in common – they all create a form of value that could be categorized under the umbrella term ‘new capital’. And here’s why it’s important to indeed value them as such…

New Capital

There are five forms of capital when you categorize them in a general manner. From there you can then further specify it to your specific needs or wants in terms of value.

I won’t dive into these five categories here but if you want to learn more about them you can get a special Infographic that explains them all right here: >>https://www.agilebusinesswisdom.com/ultimate-one-pager<<

What’s important about this general view on new capital creation is the inner coherence by which they exist. Indeed they vary in a delicate interplay that even goes beyond a mere balance of digits and assets. But together they form an infinite supply!

Now, isn’t that the quintessence of what we all want when it comes to capitalizing your cashflow even if sales or income are on a low? That’s right, from an infinite supply there will always be more than enough.

There is one thing though that could disturb that supply. And that disturbance probably lays at cause of the low sales or income in the first place. But when understood and enlightened, it can be turned around.

It’s a delicate thing though. And sadly today, many people don’t even bother to dedicate a single thought to it. But since you’re reading this article, I reckon you’d like to learn a bit more about it.

So let’s dive in…

Ethical Creation

Creation as described before is not just a personal thing, even when done alone in an office, laboratory or somewhere else. For the place itself where that new creation takes place has already been created by others or by something or someone else (depending on your general outlook on life). So it’s safe to say that you never really create alone.

Indeed there’s always some kind of facilitation. You can call it the power of the Master Mind. So, with that in mind, it pays to pay attention to how you create. And it then makes perfect sense to create with all that is present at hand.

  • What is present at hand is the infinite supply through the five categories of capital.
  • What is present at hand is the coins and bills, currency and flow, capital and value, and digits and assets that are existing already somewhere somehow.
  • What is present at hand is the ‘thin air’ from which you can create something new.

Capital, supply and cash injection can so become more aligned in an ethical manner.

Because being aware of this greater coherence opens up the ethical dimension of respecting and honouring other peoples’ work, their contributions and efforts, and their approaches to a life well lived.

Now, to bring it all together, let’s briefly answer the question from the title of this article.

How to Ethically Create New Capital from Thin Air

When we take all the information and knowledge contained in this article and combine it with all the wisdom you already have, you can now ethically create new capital from thin air by using specific agile innovation principles that are applied from a philosophical point of view.

  1. This means that you first gain profound insight in the real order of reality.
  2. You then (re)learn the skills, tools and techniques to ethically align the five general categories of capital.
  3. And finally you get the best methodologies in place to apply your infinite supply.

If you want help with that then check the Infographic right here: >>https://www.agilebusinesswisdom.com<<

Thank you for reading this article.

I hope you’ve already received new inspiration to ethically create new capital from thin air now.


Maurits van Sambeek, MA

Founder, >>The Omnibenevolence Council™<<

Author of >>Omnibenevolence<<

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