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A.I.: The Death Knell For Relationship Marketing, Or The Birth Of The Loveable Salesbot?

How well will a robot function as the source of marketing communication?  Advertisers spend huge sums to recruit just the right (human) endorser for a brand, but at least so far no one seems to be giving much thought to what a salesbot or AI-generated model should look like or sound like.

That’s a big mistake.  To read more,  please click here.

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Payless Demonstrates the Amazing Power of Branding

Kudos to Payless for scoring a PR coup with its’ “Palessi” hoax.  The chain fabricated a fake designer (Bruno Palessi) and staged a “grand opening” of the line’s expensive shoes in a former Armani store. Sure enough, unsuspecting shoeaholics shelled out $3000 for the drastically overpriced footwear during the two-night scam.

Confirmation that some people just make too much money? Yeah, sure.  But proof that consumers are gullible sheep who will do anything marketers tell them?  Maybe not.

To read more, please visit my Forbes column!


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The Robot Revolution: An (Automated) Wake-Up Call For Marketers

As shoppers increasingly interact with machines instead of people, there are huge ramifications for the way we think about sales interactions (in stores, call centers, etc.) and communications strategies.

Please read my  Forbes article.

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