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Glenn Andrew

C-Suite Leader Since:

Personal Development, Leadership, Advice

10911, 10932, 10910

CEO and Founder of AllStar Leadership LLC—Inspiring Emerging Leaders. Achieving Remarkable Results


Glenn enjoys working with young professionals in their 20s and 30s who are emerging leaders who recognize there is a leadership skill gap between where they are and where they want to be; he helps them fill that gap!

Glenn is a former C-suite executive with a 40-year record of accomplishment in business and project management. He won the Model of Excellence award at a Fortune 500 company and has an extensive, vibrant network with thousands of high-value connections. Glenn has expertise in engineering, sales, and business development.

He founded and is the CEO of AllStar Leadership LLC, a professional training and coaching company focused on leadership development and communications. Natural outcomes for clients include
•  enhanced team performance and productivity,
•  improved employee engagement and retention,
•  increased revenues and sales, and
•  organizational growth and innovation.

He speaks on self-leadership, leadership development, communications, and thriving after a significant loss of life.