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The Importance Of A Work-life Balance In Uncertain Times


By Daniel Lohman, CPSA

The way we work changed dramatically overnight. We are all having to learn and adopt new ways of remaining connected to our world. The secret to making all of this work is having a connected community to rely on. 

Striking a balance between a career and a work-life balance is difficult for entrepreneurs without the complications of a pandemic. New stressors from working from home and having to completely re-think the way we connect with our teams, clients, and prospects while also being a teacher and daycare provider are having a profound impact on our sanity, health, and wellness. 

This describes the transition I made decades earlier when the company I worked for embraced telecommuting. Unilever was one of the first big companies to make the switch. The learning curve was steep for all of us- especially for this of us who were single parents. I found myself working at odd hours so that I could be a parent during the day. Meetings were scheduled around nap times and school schedules. I frequently found myself overwhelmed but I learned to adjust. This why I have insights to help those thrust into this new normal. 

My saving grace came years later when I found a connected community. Belonging to a group of like-minded high-impact professionals helped me grow and thrive across several roles. Before then, I had been on my own pushing myself relentlessly. I now had the support of a team that pushed me to new heights helping me become a respected leader in my industry. This benefitted us all mutually, we all thrived as a result.

There is an ancient African proverb that I love: “if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go further go together”. While inspiring, it overlooks the benefit of a mastermind style group helping you avoid the pitfalls most entrepreneurs fall into, like remaining focused despite all the distractions constantly trying to derail us and identifying the best resources for building and growing your brand. 

More importantly, the law of reciprocity is the key to successfully balancing work and life. I believe that generosity and an authentic commitment to being a trusted and valued resource to your community is the best way to get more and go further – my secrets sauce.   

The thing that makes natural, natural is our thriving connected community. There is an abundance of great mentors, thought leaders, and experts eager to help emerging natural brands grow and scale during even the most challenging times. This was the focus of my most recent Brand Secrets And Strategies podcast and YouTube video interview and why I am thrilled to be a part of the C-Suite Network: SECRETS 188 Jeffrey Hayzlett Chairman C-Suite, C-Suite Brand-Building Strategies For Natural Food Brands. We also talked about how C-Suite Network and C-Suite Radio is partnering with me on the free weekly webinar series I launched to support brands during these challenging times – the perfect example of a connected community empowering others. Empowering Brands | Raising The Bar.

Being part of a connected community can help you more effectively balance your personal life and your work life. It helps you remain focused while giving you the additional bandwidth where needed. It helps you proactively avoid pitfalls and distractions that derail others. It also provides a “safe place to land’ when things don’t go right along with a cheering squad to keep you motivated and on track. Similar to the C-Suite Network, the more you participate and give authentically, the more you get back. We are all in this together. Having a connected community can help you lean into the current storm and come out unscathed. This is the essential ingredient to a healthy work-life balance.  

* Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash.