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This Couple Makes $10k/month Growing Veggies in Their Basement. Here’s How…

There’s a growing multi-billion dollar industry that’s sprouting up from, of all places, homeowner’s basements. Here’s a peek inside the growing “Microgreen Industry” that one of your neighbors is probably cashing in on.

Here’s why…

The global microgreens market size was valued at $1.3 billion in 2019, and is now projected to reach $2.2 billion by 2028. Growing demand for microgreens, along with recent interruptions in global supply chains have created a local cash opportunity.

Especially amongst innovative homeowners looking to cash in on their un-utilized square footage.


What the Hell Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs. Unlike larger herbs and vegetables that take weeks or months to grow, microgreens can be harvested and eaten a week to 10 days after leaves have developed. Like baby carrots but for herbs…

These tiny plants only grow to a few inches and can come in 50 to 60 different varieties. Microgreens were originally limited to fancy dinner plates and boutique grocery stores due to their higher cost. But now they’re a multibillion dollar industry.

And did I mention, you can grow them in your basement? The set up cost is low​ and the growing cycle is super quick, meaning you can be harvesting and selling your first crop in just a couple of weeks.

Interested in this as a side hustle? Here’s an e-Book to get you started…

Microgreens can be grown in a small space and can sell for $50 per pound or more​, making them an ideal crop for small farms and “urban growers”. In an area as small as a shipping container, a garage, or basement you could generate thousands per month growing and selling them.

Here’s the full story on how one couple makes $120k/year selling microgreens from the basement of their urban home.

Check it out…



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