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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Missing the Mark?

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Missing the Mark?

People like to do business with PEOPLE, not companies – and they like to do business with people that they know, like, and trust. These two maxims guide the world of business. Yet many executives and business owners ignore these principles when crafting their LinkedIn profiles. That’s unfortunate because LinkedIn is a primary way people search for other professionals to buy from, partner with, appoint to boards, offer new opportunities, and more. Moreover, the talented people that executives and owners are trying to attract are looking to align themselves with leaders who lead with passion. Executives and business owners who have failed to be authentic and transparent on the LinkedIn platform, and who have failed to sow the seeds of know, like, and trust into their profiles are missing the mark.

Be YOUnique

A quote often attributed to Oscar Wilde reminds us: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” When your profile reads like everyone else’s, you do yourself a great disservice. You are at your most attractive when you share your business principles, processes, and passions. Your personal back story is captivating – tell it. When you share the story of your business journey – including the bumps in the road – you draw us in. You become more human. You become a person with whom we’d like to do business.

Commonly Missed Opportunities

  1. Not customizing your LinkedIn Headline. Your Headline is the text right under your name. Although LinkedIn auto-fills this for you with your current job title and company, you have the option to customize it using up to 220 characters. Customizing your headline is a great way for you to stand out. Add the results you create and how you produce them. Or, identify your customers and how you create value for them.
  2. Using your ABOUT section as sales copy for your business. Oh, please spare us. Stop hiding online. Your ABOUT section should be about YOU and your personal business story. This is where you woo and wow. Of course, mentioning what you currently do and whom you do it for is fine, but tell us more. Share your career journey. Share who YOU are.
  3. No text under each of your positions. Your current position is where you get to tell us all about your company or business. In each of your prior positions, tell us about your accomplishments to help us get to know you better.
  4. Skills section that is outdated and not aligned with current aspirations. LinkedIn is currently showing only three of your skills before the reader has to click to see more. So the three skills that show should be indicative of the things you most want to be known for. Beyond that, make sure your skills reflect what you are doing now and plan to do in the future, as opposed to skills you used 20 years ago and now delegate. Review each of your skills so that each on your list is the highest level expression of that skill that applies to you.

LinkedIn allows you to claim your eminence online 24/7 without having to open your mouth – so you can achieve your personal business goals and attract your ideal opportunities.


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