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Collaborative Global Leadership Development

Collaborative Global Leadership Development

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Global Leaders, especially well-developed and thoroughly equipped leaders, do not just appear; they get developed through conscious effort and intentional training.

With a focus on Zambia and the process of leadership development, in this episode (#110) of the Keep Leading!® podcast, I explore “Collaborative Global Leadership Development” in Zambia, with one of the world’s most renowned coaches, Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek. Nankhonde is the Founder and Lead Consultant at Nankhonde Kasonde Consultancy and the Founder and Creative Director of KHONDE. Our discussion highlights the necessary steps to make a 21st Century Global Leader at the micro-level impact the world at a macro level.

Key Requirements for Transforming Leadership at the Micro Level
Certain elements come with developing global leaders at the micro-level and their significant implications on the world. It all starts with understanding individual responsibility before the collective.


Teaching self-sufficiency and resilience in conditions where external help isn’t the first option is one of the ways to stay on track.

These qualities are innate as an African and need to be shown more and deliberately to lead.

Seizing Opportunity

Recognizing the need to seize available opportunities to develop as a leader is essential.

Developing hard (technical) and soft (interpersonal) skills is necessary to increase leadership opportunities and efficiently lead when given a chance.


It is necessary to understand the responsibility and depth of work that comes with building a new leadership mindset from scratch without the oppressive limitations of pre and post-independence. (Zambia gained its independence from Britain in 1964)

It takes confidence, courage, and necessary skills to develop and exercise exemplary leadership.

History and the Future

When looking at building leaders who can effectively lead at a global level, looking at where they’re coming from side-by-side with the envisioned future is vital.

It’s a literal mind transformation that exceeds just building capacity and skills; it’s a total overhaul of what leadership used to mean to what is required of a global leader in this new age.

Collaborative Components of Leadership Development

Connection and Humanity

As a prospective global leader, the knowledge that our existence connects the world is foremost. It’s essential to understand its significance to your immediate environment and its ripple effect on the planet.

The Big Picture

With leadership development, equipping leaders with the ability to see and contribute to the bigger picture and goals is vital for sustainable growth.

While developing leaders in their local communities, building a bridge to connect with global progress and opportunities helps to see issues and details more clearly.

Influence of Culture

When creating tools to use in developing global leaders, it is essential to incorporate cultural and social influences into those tools.

The influences of Zambian culture and intelligence with foundations of global best practices can be intertwined with tools, building, adapting, and improving them.

Cross Referencing

Even as we build leaders on our stage, creating methods of referencing progress compared to global standards is important.

Having norms and comparison groups helps to appreciate what your current average is and where you stand is vital for sustainable growth and gives the best of both worlds.

A Common Goal

As we grow, seeing that we are for each other and not against each other is vital. We all have a common goal of growth and building leaders who can take the reins of leadership even when we are not doing so presently.

Taking elements that show results from one another and incorporating them with a shared vision of growth and support is always the way to go.

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