C-Suite Network™

Investor Engine

$7,500.00 / month with a 90-day free trial and a $20,000.00 sign-up fee

Need Accredited or Crowdfunding Investors?



How does the Investor Engine work?

Built by our Innovation Syndication, the Investor Engine runs on the one-for-many concept.

We all know investors typically hold many positions so we use that to our advantage to help our network members looking to match with these types of investors.

Our High Intent Investor Engine is designed to put your opportunity in front of Investors using our proprietary technology accelerating your success.

FOR OUR INVESTORS: We offer our investors curated opportunities matching their investment profile, saving them time.

Investor Signals:

-Veted and or Trusted Partner Co-Funded

-Board Position held by Network Member

-Powered by our Marketing Technology

There are no guarantees or claims to success, but there are indicators of how the business may leverage its resources and govern its business!

WHO is it right for?

  • Start-ups
  • Funds
  • Crowdfunding Offers
  • Any offer that can be publicly advertised.

*We do have an Accredited Investor program as well that requires pre-approval and verification.

COST: $20,000 Launch Fee (Includes prep work, Validation, Launch Meeting, Set-up and the first 90 days) Each month after is $7500/month.


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