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Fast Start Program

$32,500.00 / month



Fast Start Program

Data Drives Decisions

Our Fast Start Program is designed to help businesses leverage our Innovations Team to help shape future success. This is a monthly service with a 4-month minimum, but is designed to continue with successful results and become part of the long-term success strategy!

Goal: To help identify opportunities, validate market penetration difficulty, gain current market insight, set CPA grid across several channels to determine your actual cost per new customer acquisition.

What you get:

  • Marketing Assets designed to meet Fast Start Goals that will become building blocks for Evergreen Success and Generic Marketing Site.
  • Team to execute the program to deliver REAL DATA within the delivery window. (Typically 3-4months)
  • Full Success metrics and data to support evidence to scale or not against current market conditions.
  • Strategy Session
  • Includes Keyword Roadmap
  • Includes (2) Power Pages for 4 months
  • Includes High Intent boosts for four months.
  • Monthly reviews
  • Guided Success Plan
  • Action Plan to scale.

BONUS: Competitive Analysis and ways to leverage your competitor’s data for long-term success!

ONSITE (Optional): Our Innovation Leader will travel to you and work alongside your team if required for the Strategy Session. You will pay T&E, but no additional costs. VERY SMART OPTION!

Case Study

The client wanted to validate a product launch to determine COST PER SALE, MARKET COMPETITION, and to VALIDATE REVENUE THESIS.

3.8 ROAS During Fast Start



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