C-Suite Network™

Influencer Manager

$7,500.00 / month



Social Media Influencers have become a powerful tool for activation, growth, and education in today’s digital environment.

Our Influencer Manager program harnesses our network, reach, and team to build and scale an Influencer or MICRO INFLUENCER program.

IMPORTANT: This is the management fee for up to 5 Influencers or 25 Micro-Influencers, and “THE ASK / GIVE” is an expense the customer pays above and beyond the $7500/mo management fee!

Talent Incentive “THE BUDGET” up-front budget set aside for a 90 period, for the team to deploy and activate against!

On Average, we see engagement fees for talent running between $1500 and $5000 depending on nice, membership size or following, and engagement score!

**You may need to pay for swag, merchandise, and talent fees depending on the influencer’s requirements.

The great news is we can often create evergreen content for future use from the engagement assets created by the influencer!

What we provide:

  • Our ability to attract and engage top talent based on your niche or market.
  • We will do the negotiating directly with the talent on your behalf (within the budgets you set before each campaign)
  • Strategy Session during onboarding
  • Monthly reporting
  • Influencer Communications
  • Success Management Reports

All designed to fit in your budget, and to meet your goals!


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