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In ever-pursuit of becoming SVP of Sales for a Fortune 500 company, Galen set records at every level of sales for Kraft Foods, Imperial Sugar and The Coca-Cola Company.  After being inducted into the Coca-Cola North America President’s Club, Galen accepted an 18-month developmental assignment as an internal advisor for Coca-Cola sales leaders.  Little did he know, that assignment would extend 8.5 years and have him serving Coca-Cola associates across the United States, England, Canada and Mexico.  The assignment also led to him advising client leaders at Red Lobster, White Castle Hamburgers and CKE Checkers/Rally’s.

Today, Galen is known as The Leadership Strategist. He is a certified Executive Coach as accredited by the International Coach Federation, World Coach Institute and Goleman Emotional Intelligence organizations.  Galen offers insight from 30 years of operating experience with Fortune 500 companies and 6 years’ experience as a brick-and-mortar retail franchise owner.

He is consistently sought to advise or serve on premiere non-profit boards where he provides oversight in governance, board development, CEO selection and organizational leadership. Galen is a two-time published leadership author and has coached or consulted with over 875 senior executives, CEOs and non-profit leaders across 7 countries.

Galen also hosts the Whiskey, Jazz and Leadership podcast which is available on all podcast platforms and streamed in 20 countries. The show interweaves a passion for whiskies, appreciation for jazz music and principles for enhancing personal and organizational leadership. Metaphorically speaking, whiskey represents enjoying your passion, regardless of who loves it with you. Jazz represents moving forward in work and life even in the absence of sheet music. For Galen, leadership is the beginning and end of all great accomplishment – nothing happens until someone does something. Galen introduces intimacy into every conversation with his seasoned insights from his multifaceted guests.

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