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Whiskey, Jazz and Leadership

Galen Bingham invites fellow thought and industry leaders to share the whiskies they drink, jazz music they listen to, and advice on what it really takes to be an effective leader. This is straight talk you can‘t get anywhere else.

Known as The Leadership Strategist, Galen Bingham gives listeners the opportunity to learn insights from guests and his 3 decades in corporate America as a Fortune 100 Executive, retail business owner, and Certified Executive Coach. As CEO and Founder of Kiln Global Coaching and Consulting, Galen Bingham is The Leadership Strategist. The show interweaves a passion for whiskies, appreciation for jazz music and principles for enhancing personal and organizational leadership. The show mixes the intimacy Galen brings to every conversation with seasoned insights from his multifaceted guests. Pour one the way you like to drink it. This is not your ordinary leadership podcast. This is Whiskey, Jazz and Leadership . What you drinking?