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8 Reasons Face-to-Face Interaction is the Key to Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing, also known as engagement marketing, is called as so because it is an experience which fully engages consumers. They have the opportunity to connect with your brand and product on every level and through all senses.

When it comes to a successful marketing event, we know that face-to-face engagement is the fuel that experiential marketing depends on.

It allows for tactics such as street teams, brand ambassadors, event marketing, product sampling, and consumer engagement.

These are all the ingredients that make experiential marketing so memorable and effective.

If you’re still not convinced why face-to-face engagement is so important and the key to delivering results, stick with us.

1. Body Language

Face-to-face offers you the chance to convey messages and positively impact customers by using eye contact, head nodding, touch, fluent speech, pitch variation, and several other factors that are only possible and effectual within in-person conversations.

2. Build Trust

People are more likely to invest in, buy from, and support others that they have a real, personal relationship with. Face-to-face interactions allow you to lay the foundation for meaningful relationships with your consumers.

3. Increase Visibility

Imagine if a consumer has never used a product similar to yours, while they may not purchase something right away at the event chances are they’re more likely to use your products in the future since they now have a face to put with the product.

4. Demonstrate Personality

When you meet consumers in person, you can better convey the personality behind your brand.

5. Eliminate Preconceptions

A potential customer may have a preconceived notion or two about your company or product. Allowing them an opportunity to touch and try the product will increase the chances of them saying “yes” when it comes time to purchase.

6. Save Time & Money

Print and Internet marketing come with considerable and continuous costs, but in-person interactions with consumers give you that initial “in” to potential customers.

7. Show Gratitude

By meeting consumers in person, you’re able to thank them and express your appreciation for their support. When people feel valued and appreciated, they start to form a stronger sense of loyalty. Additionally, consumers that feel appreciated will feel validated in their decision to try and support your brand in the first place.

8. Stimulate Word of Mouth

An awesome event with great consumer interactions can go a long way and bring in a big ROI long after the event is over. If consumers have a great time, they will talk about it, with friends off and online!