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Your Corporate Website: The Cyber Face of Your Company

As a C-Suite executive, you take direct responsibility for many aspects of your business. This also means that you know the necessity to delegate specific responsibilities to those who have expertise in these areas.

You don’t take direct charge of the payroll or personally hire everyone who joins your company. You don’t play lawyer, accountant, or personnel manager.

You also don’t play webmaster. An expert designed and set up your company web site. However, your web site is an aspect of your business to which you need to pay close attention.

Many prospective clients get their first view of your business online. They’re searching for a product or service, see a listing for your company, and click on the link. What happens next can determine whether you gain a client or prospect or someone who immediately clicks out and goes on to click the link of one of your competitors.

Visit your web site at least once a month and do your best to see it with the eyes of someone who’s viewing it for the first time.

Is It Visually Appealing?

  • What’s your immediate impression?
  • Does it look inviting?
  • Does it make you want to explore further?
  • Does it appear to be professionally designed?

Does It Provide Easy-to-Find Information?

  • Can you glance at your site’s home page and know immediately what services your company provides?
  • Does the page feature your mission statement in succinct, direct language?
  • Does the home page (and all other pages) have a navigation bar that shows the visitor how to find information on specific aspects of your company?
  • Is the contact information (phone number, address, email address) clearly shown on each page?

Does It Offer a Way to Persuade Your Visitor to Provide Contact Information?

This is vital. Even if the visitor doesn’t decide to pick up the phone or send an email message, you can still benefit from his or her visit.

Some businesses, for example, in exchange for the visitor’s email address, offer ebooks, white papers, checklists, videos and other free irresistible free opt in offers. This is an excellent way to build an email list.

Does It Look Friendly?

This may be one of the most important factors in your web site’s qualities. To turn the visitor into someone who contacts you, you need a web site that projects a quality of being approachable. This is less difficult to convey than you might think.Having a photo of the CEO is one excellent way to project a friendly quality.

  • Use photos of your main corporate headquarters, both outside and inside.
  • If you manufacture physical products, show photos of them.
  • Many web sites effectively use short videos that act as a tour of your business.
  • Have testimonials strategically placed on the home page and throughout all the pages of the site.

Study Your Competition

Now that you’re thoroughly familiar with your company’s web site, visit those of your competitors. This tour may leave you very happy with your site, but if this is the case, don’t become complacent. Look for details or design features that you believe would make your web site even more appealing.

Be Vigilant

It’s never been more important to have a dynamic, vibrant corporate web site that appears welcoming and inviting. First appearances count everywhere, but they assume special importance in the virtual world.

Pat Iyer is a ghostwriter and editor who has been online since 1996. She works with C suite executives to polish their written communications. Reach her at patriciaiyer@gmail.com or through her website Editingmybook.com

Patricia Iyer

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