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Nature’s Stair Master –  The view is always better at the top, but are you willing to put in the work?

My dog Cody is an avid Hiker and apparently a Business Guru.

So, my pup Cody and I hit the trails early for a hike up Thompson Peak. It was one of those perfect mornings where the desert seems to wake up just to show off a bit.

The first few miles were a breeze, relatively speaking. The terrain had its ups and downs, but nothing too taxing, and the early light made everything look spectacular. It was a peaceful, promising start.

But, as life often has it, the real challenge was waiting for us just up the path.

The last two miles up to the summit were brutal. We’re talking about a relentless 37-degree incline that rose 2,000 feet. Believe me, it felt like nature’s own Stair Master, set on the “this might be a mistake” level.

Let’s just say, it was no joke!

But once Cody and I reached the top, the payoff was undeniable—breathtaking views that made every step (and pant) worth it.

There’s something about reaching the peak that makes you forget the burn in your legs and just soak in the achievement. And it got me thinking about business.

Just like that hike, achieving great results in business—or really any area of life—comes down to being willing to tackle the steep climbs. It’s about perfecting your product or service and mastering the art of letting the world know you exist.

I’ve seen firsthand that many of my clients have incredible offerings, but their biggest hurdle is often just getting the word out there.

A lot of business owners struggle with this; they aren’t naturally the ones to grab a megaphone and tout their own work.

Public speaking, or in broader terms, just getting out there and marketing, doesn’t come easy to everyone.

But here’s the thing—no one is born a great public speaker. Like any skill, it takes practice, persistence, and yes, a fair bit of climbing those proverbial hills.

Are you putting in the effort to climb your business mountain?

What hurdles are you looking to overcome regarding how you market yourself and your business?

Would love to hear your thoughts.  Drop your comments in the chat.


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