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Happy Mother’s Day

Hi Mom,

I hope you’re having a wonderful celebration today!

We understand the joy as well as the struggles and tribulations of being a Mom, that’s why we want to make sure you get all the support you need, and more!

That’s why we’ve decided to offer YET ANOTHER discount this month.

Use MOMSMATTER code at checkout to receive 70% off our marked down prices on all our resources!

(1)‘The Conscious Parenting Kickstart: Mini Course’ Normally $450, marked down to $199, take another 70% off to celebrate Mother’s day (-$130.30) today it’s only $59.70!

(2)Ultimate Parenting Toolbook (Normally $597, marked down to $297, + a discount of another 70% off — $207.90) to celebrate mother’s day just $89.10,

(3)Applying Solutions Mini Course’ (Normally $550, marked down to $199, + a discount of another 70% off less -$139.30) now just $59.70 in celebration of Mom’s mattering so much!

Carpe Diem!!

A heads up, final opportunity to get your $160 gift. Treat yourself! Take a breather, connect with someone who understands, and get some expert support tailored just for you. we can chat about anything and everything related to parenting. This special gift is available from now through the end of Maybut only for the first 10 people who follow this link and grab a spot on my calendar. (My hourly rate is $320 so this is a $160 gift!)

Wishing you a beautiful Mother’s Day filled with love and joy.


Katherine Sellery

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