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Creating Disruption in the Self-Help Book Industry

Best Seller TV, the only show dedicated to covering today’s best-selling business books on C-Suite TV, is announcing a new episode featuring Kelly Fuhlman, author of Be the Hero and Rescue Yourself: Creating the Inner Courage To Wear Your Own Cape.

Fuhlman, a first-time author, wrote the book to give people the opportunity to read and understand some of the lessons she learned throughout her life, while providing encouragement to journal their own ideas and solve their own problems. She says, “I have learned that people do better if they create their own strategy instead of someone handing it over to them.”

The book is about heroes in her own life that have come to her rescue and opened doors and opportunities; however, at the end of the day, it’s up to each and every single person to put in the work and rescue themselves. Fuhlman wanted to create a disruption in the self-help book industry and drive home the notion that life isn’t about “10 easy steps” – it’s far more complex than that.

After being laid off from the Disney Institute, she decided to write a book, start a podcast, and create opportunities for herself at a time where she felt the rug was being pulled from under her. These opportunities led to growth and learning, but the journey wasn’t a perfect one. In fact, one of the chapter titles in her book is  called, “My crown is crooked (and so is yours)” to reinforce the point that there’s no one path to success. Everyone must choose their own way and not rely on anyone else to rescue them.

Fuhlman wrote the book for anyone struggling to move forward, personally or professionally. This easy read aims to have great impact for readers as they reflect on the lessons learned and empowers them to write down their own thoughts, build their own plan, and move forward.

“At the end of the day, it’s up to you,” she concludes.


All episodes of Best Seller TV air on C-Suite TV and are hosted by TV personality, Taryn Winter Brill.

Best-selling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett created Best Seller TV to give top-tier business authors a forum for sharing thought-provoking insights, in-depth business analysis, and their compelling personal narratives.

“Opportunities are available to everyone who wants them. Even during crisis, there are opportunities to be had. This episode provides a simple, yet meaningful message for anyone looking to move forward,” Hayzlett said. “After the year we had, we all want to move forward, but it’s simple – it all starts and begins with you. You are the hero of your own story.”

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