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As I was learning about psychology, research, and training, I read Stephen Covey’s highly successful bestseller, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

What he said made so much sense to me.  It was inspiring and challenging.  And it helped me understand the importance of goals. I wanted to talk with him, learn more from him. But, I didn’t know him.  I had no contacts connected to him.  What to do . . .

I’d learned that working with corporate clients was a way to learn from them as well as help them with their projects. What if I could do that here too?

I created an experiment.  The goal was finding a way to actually work with Dr. Covey.

I’m sure you know what must have happened or I wouldn’t be telling this story.

After 6 months of reaching out to his admin on a consistent schedule, I finally got to speak with Dr. Covey.  It was so exciting. My heart was pounding at first. Really?  I was actually speaking with one of my idols.

He calmed me down with his soothing voice and we had a great talk. One result was an in-depth research project where I interviewed his clients and prospects on his Brand in comparison to that of none other than – Tony Robbins. Stephen Covey was often compared to Tony Robbins.  Yet, the two were viewed as opposites in many ways. Both were well regarded, but spoke to different audiences who had their own unique needs for inspiration and growth.

More importantly, I accomplished my goal of working with Dr. Covey and putting into action what I learned.  I now train coaches on the specifics of helping their clients clarify their goal and creating a plan to get there.  And I received a wonderful testimonial.  So exciting, rewarding and satisfying . . .

“I was totally impressed by both the character and competence of Dr. Livingston.  Her ability to draw people out in unique and creative ways and apply the gathered data to complicated analyses made my experience working with her highly memorable and rewarding.”  
Stephen Covey. NY Time Best Selling Author. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Back to you.

What do you hope to accomplish with a potential career change to Coaching? How might that bring you more satisfaction in your life?

A great coach helps clients stay on track to their goal in a timely manner and be accountable. We train you to do that with others as well as help you do that for yourself.

Thinking about getting certified as a Professional Coach? Want to talk about it? Or any questions you have about professional coaching? Let’s talk and see whether or not it makes sense for you to become a certified professional coach.

To Learn About Our Upcoming Fast Track Certification Workshop This March in New York City

The cost of $75 for the 30 minute consultation can be applied to the TLC Professional Coach Training program if you decide to join.

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Warmest regards,

Sharon 🙂

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