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Be Better than Yourself

One of the biggest causes of discontent is the perceived inability to measure up to some idealistic goal of what we are supposed to be, do, or have.
We humans share a natural tendency to want to do things better than the other guy.  We struggle to ‘Keep Up With The Jones’.  We (and by we, I mean you) work long hours in the hope that the boss will notice we are doing more than the person in the next cubicle and that we will advance to the next position of higher paying tedium.
I want to be clear about something. Growth is good. Increasing one’s knowledge is good. Striving for better relationships, greater prosperity, and spiritual enlighten-ment is good.
The problem occurs when you start to compare your current level of attainment or success to the level attained by those around you. Once this happens, your ability to be happy becomes dependent on you comparing yourself to others.
It seems these days we not only feel compelled to keep up with The Jones’ but expect to be able to keep up with The Kardashians’.
Stop that!
There is absolutely no need or reason to compare your progress with anyone else’s.  This is your journey, your life.  Set your own benchmarks, focus and push forward to achieve them.
When you compare your own performance to others there is a high risk of either overvaluing or undervaluing your successes.
The comparisons are ridiculously unfair anyway. We all have different skills and talents. What may be very easy for someone else in one area may be incredibly difficult for someone else in that same area.
By entertaining thoughts that you are not as smart as them, or as funny as them, or as good-looking as them, or as rich as them, keeps you in the mindset of ‘not being enough’ and completely invalidates the fact that you worked your butt off for your achievements.
Here is a tip:  Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can and commit 100% to the achievement of your goals. You’ll be surprised just how much you can accomplish.
Here’s another tip:  Be okay with where you are along the way and the amount of time it may take to get there. Be okay with the fears and excitements you may encounter along the way. It’s part of the journey.
People don’t get on a roller coaster anticipating the moment when the cars screech to a halt at the end lamenting the fact that it took long and that it was a hard climb in the beginning and that the ride was filled with dips and bumps and unexpected twists and turns. They get on the roller coaster for the thrills and chill of the ride. They revel in the excitement of the unexpected and relish the unexpected twists and turns, and when the ride is over, they want to go again.
Life is a roller coaster….Enjoy the ride!

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