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6 New Steps To New Leadership Success

Leadership Growth And Personal Development For The Future-Proof Leader

It’s been challenging times.

We’ve been through a lot in the past few years. And the world still seems to be re-calibrating on what’s best to do next.

Indeed the future asks for careful considerations. That’s why recovery, renewal and reorientation are the key drivers on top of mind for leaders today.

Yet they have a lot on their plate.

  • Daily business asks for immediate decisions.
  • Personnel still needs to get used to new modes of working.
  • And the rapid changes in relation to new technologies and global developments ask for constant attention.

This can make it hard to take some time to properly reflect. Because fast data-driven decision-making seems to become the ultimate skill for the future, it can also lead to burnout or flat-out bad decisions. And so it sometimes looks like leadership has turned into constant crisis management.

Some call this ‘the new normal’ though.

But no one is really clear on what that ‘new’ or ‘normal’ then actually is. And so, many say, that the new leadership shouldn’t only be about managing crises – instead it should provide vision, purpose, service and direction towards a brighter future again.

That’s why in the first quarter of 2021 I already wrote an article series on >>Leadership 6.0 ~How To Navigate The New Normal<<

In that series I philosophically explored some themes and topics that could help navigating these uncertain times, by an attempt and proposal to make wise use of certain principles that could stand the tests of time.

By no means are those principles final or instantly saving us from the complexity we’re living amidst of. But since then we can say that we indeed have entered some kind of the anticipated new normal that tries to overcome mere crisis management. What’s normal now thus isn’t new anymore. So…

Something else is needed now.

What’s needed now is recovery, renewal and reorientation.

These key drivers of leadership growth and personal development have gained different meaning though, especially in the light of insight that has come forth from the global reset, or rather, the global recalibration.

Therefore, before we dive into the six new steps let’s first take a quick look at last year’s steps:

  1. Transcend The Current State Of Affairs <<click on text to read the article<<
  2. Tap And Tune Into Infinite Inspiration <<click on text to read the article<<
  3. Allow Visionary Awareness To Arise <<click on text to read the article<<
  4. Create A Compelling Vision With Purpose <<click on text to read the article<<
  5. Sense The Secret Of ‘Mission Accomplished’ <<click on text to read the article<<
  6. Energise The Excellence <<click on text to read the article<<

As you can see, these six steps have universal value – they can be applied in every situation and in all times. We can indeed say that they appeal to eternal leadership growth and personal development principles.

Now, because of that, they of course also still apply to today’s situation. But something else is needed…

From my numerous conversations with peers and clients, the study of hundreds of articles, and reading dozens of books on the topics of leadership growth and personal development, we can distil the following six new steps that can lead to new leadership success.

As you read on these six new steps…

  • Be aware of the variety in which they can appear and play out in your own life.
  • They come in various shapes and forms, both internally as externally, both in matters of mere personal affairs as in matters of global concern.
  • They partly go back to recovery and renewal of what already was entered upon, while also allowing now for reorientation into a new leadership growth and personal development paradigm.

Six New Steps To New Leadership Success.

These six new steps are presented here in relation to leadership growth and personal development by asking a few questions and giving some examples and resources, so you can immediately benefit from merely reading already.

Of course there’s more to it when it comes to further implementation, but as an overview framework it might help you now dialing in on where to concentrate next for new leadership success.

Here are the six steps…

  1. Heart-Brain Coherence – How to have love and reason strengthen each other

  • Personal Development: How do you take care of your own heart-brain coherence? Are you balancing love and reason in a greater understanding of wisdom?
  • Leadership Growth: How do you allow the heart-brain coherence of your team, staff, business and organization as a whole to be balanced? Do you lead with wisdom?
  • Resource: >>https://www.heartmath.com/<<
  1. Mindset Multiverse – How to have clarity of thought and understand each other better

  • Personal Development: What are the mindsets you’re using or do you need to adopt new ones now? Is there an encompassing mindset or paradigm? And how does this all cohere in the oneness of your life?
  • Leadership Growth: What are the mindsets of the people in the organization you’re leading? Is there an encompassing paradigm that allows for individual initiatives? And how does this all relate to yours, each other’s, and the world’s mindset multiverse at large?
  • Resource: >>https://www.amazon.com/Omniverse-Inside-You-Above-Beyond-ebook/dp/B09PFT51M8<<
  1. Skillset Skyrocketed – How to have enhanced capacity without burnout

  1. Toolsets Transformed – How to have more productivity without waste

  • Personal Development: Are there sets of thinking tools, doing tools, usage tools that you need to install, update or refresh in order to help yourself developing?
    • g. what mindsets, beliefs, thoughts, ideas and convictions do you work with?
    • g. what kind of skillsets do you have in place to get the things done that you want to get done for yourself?
    • g. what technologies do you use; are they up-to-date; do they align and smoothly interact (e.g. cloud-based smartwatch, smartphone, laptop, desktop etc.)
  • Leadership Growth: Are there sets of thinking tools, doing tools, usage tools that need to be installed, upgraded, improved upon or replaced for your team and/or within the organization?
  • Resource: >>https://www.performancemanagementcompany.com/<<
  1. Comprehensive Conscious Capitalism – How to have more capital without exploitation

  • Personal Development: Do you have a comprehensive capital vision of your own five categories of capital? And are you making wise use of them?
  • Leadership Growth: Is there a way to let the five categories of capital enhance and advance each other within your organization and in relation to the world at large?
  • Resource: >>https://app.mastermind.com/masterminds/2979<<
  1. Omnibenevolence – How to have goodness abound

  • Personal Development: What is The Highest Good for you? Is there congruence in your understanding of living the good life or is there something to be improved upon in terms of work-life balance?
  • Leadership Growth: How does workforce happiness play out in your organization? Is there inspiration, motivation, creativity and ownership of positions in your team? Are people satisfied and balanced in their working endeavours? What about friendships, friendliness, philanthropy? And how does it translate into customer service, customer experience, corporate social responsibility?
  • Resource: >>https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09DTV3752<<

As you can see, this six step framework for new leadership success is wide in scope and deep in its practice. And together with last year’s steps it can quickly become overwhelming. Therefore I searched for the one thing that could bring it all together…

The ONE thing that brings it all together…

In a special new year’s article I already announced it. (You can read that article >>here<<)

The one thing that brings it all together now is a peer-to-peer mentoring group, a Mastermind Council. And in order to have more clarity, coherence and congruence in that council, I created a non-rigid curriculum for new leadership growth and advanced personal development, all in the light of and with the hope for a brighter future for humankind.

Thus, what I shared here above are just a few of the things that we’ll discuss in this new Mastermind Council. That council is called The Omnibenevolence Council™ and it’s specifically meant for Philanthropy Directors, CSR-Executives and C-Suite Business Leaders. So, if you’re also an open-minded and warm-hearted leader who values real leadership growth and advanced personal development then you’re invited!

There are only a limited number of seats available though, for obvious quality reasons. Thus, if you now want to learn more on what it’s all about and apply for a seat then connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maurits-van-sambeek/ Or send an email with your inquiry to philanthropyleaderblueprint@gmail.com

Looking forward to welcome you into The Omnibenevolence Council™!


Maurits van Sambeek, MA

C-Suite Network Advisor™

Author of >>Omnibenevolence<<

And >>The Omniverse Inside You<<

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