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By Carol Kaemmerer

What is Your Poor LinkedIn Profile Costing You?

What is Your Poor LinkedIn Profile Costing You? 150 150 Carol Kaemmerer

What is Your Poor LinkedIn Profile Costing You?

Dear Executives,

Perhaps you recognize that your LinkedIn profile is skeletal. Yes, your photo may be great, you’ve listed your job titles, degrees, and schools. But where are YOU? How will people know about your purpose, principles, and business passions? How will they learn of your superpowers – the areas in which you truly excel? How will they learn about the accomplishments upon which you’ve built your career? If your profile doesn’t showcase your personal brand, the real you isn’t online — you’re essentially hiding.

What’s the opportunity cost of hiding online?

You may believe that your skeletal profile is just fine. Sleek; minimalist; just the way you like it. As a matter of fact, your profile looks like the profile of most C-Suite executives. So, no problem, right?

Wrong. LinkedIn is first and foremost a search engine. People around the world are using it 24/7 to search for people with your superpowers, your talents, your experience. But in your minimalist profile, you haven’t used your keywords often enough for the search engine to rank you highly in the search results and put you near the top of the list returned to the user. Since those searching rarely look beyond the first two pages displayed to them, you will never be found. You’ll never know the opportunities you could have had, if you had been found, such as:

  • New customer accounts for your company
  • Business alliances or partnerships
  • Internal or external opportunities for career advancement and challenge
  • Opportunities for Board service
  • Opportunities to attract top talent who are seeking to align themselves with people who lead with passion

More and more, today’s executives have come to appreciate the importance of developing and curating their personal brand online. LinkedIn is a primary tool for communicating your personal brand to woo and wow your ideal audiences, including both internal and external customers and the talent you hope to attract to your company. Executives who have a stellar LinkedIn presence and who use the LinkedIn platform effectively find that it helps them leverage their personal, corporate, and product brands and improve their visibility.


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Promote Your Brand with Authenticity, Tact and Power

So, stop hiding online:

If you are a C-Suite executive or senior leader who would like to improve your LinkedIn profile and presence, I can make it easy for you. I have a track record of working effectively with C-Suite executives and senior leaders to create LinkedIn profiles and other executive-branded materials that help them show up as authentically and powerfully online as they do in person. I also mentor clients on LinkedIn etiquette and effective posting strategies to ensure their success. Contact me through my website: or profile:

Other resources for you and your team:

For a virtual or in-person presentation on personal branding via LinkedIn, contact me. I am a member of the National Speakers Association, a Certified Virtual Presenter, and an Advisor to the C-Suite Network.

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