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As a Man, Do These Describe You?

As a Man, Do These Describe You? 150 150 Bob Groves


Here are a few things that are true for most of us:

  •  We suck at talking about things that truly matter. So, we end up in personal and private battles that affect our entire world.
  •  We confuse the word vulnerable with the word weakness. So, we end up not being close to our spouses and feel underappreciated accordingly.

  •  We do what we’re most confident in and avoid what we’re least confident in. Typically, the area we are least confident in deals with how to be closer to our wife and our kids.

  •  Our private and personal world is directly tied to our professional world. When one is off – so are the others.

  • We don’t know who to trust so we trust nobody with the deeper things of life. So, we end up isolated and struggling in ways nobody knows about – including our wife.

  •  We all fear loss of some sort. Whether it’s loss of income, career, company, marriage or whatever…we all have fear within. Even so, we fake strength and it’s costing us every day!

  • We all have blind spots. The only way to see them is with someone else’s help. However, most of us don’t have a person who can be honest with us without us getting defensive.

  • Our metrics for success are often tied to our income and toys more than they are to our life and legacy. When we leave this planet, the only things that really matter are our faith, family and friends. If we major in the wrong things…it’s a sad ending.

  • When we are hit with reality, instead of dealing with it, we turn up the noise and get back to the rat race.

  • Our excuses are actually truths wrapped in lies. Until we own our $@*% we can’t be helped & we will find someone, or something, to blame.

If you’re still reading, then obviously something (or a few things) hit home.

MY greater focus for men is helping men who are secretly struggling, escape their fears.

If that’s you, let’s talk.

I can help!

PS – If that’s you – what’s it costing you to not do something about it AND how much life is getting away from you? I know for a fact, you will not wish you waited longer to get it together.

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