Bob Groves C-Suite Network Advisor Since Oct 2018

Coach. Consultant. Keynote

Business Culture

As a “pathological optimist”, Bob is the guy you want in your life and on your team. With over 25 years of leadership study, training and consulting, as well as over 10,000 hours of speaking, Bob offers in-depth coaching and custom programs for individuals and companies. Regardless of the context, from 1:1 coaching to auditoriums, his I/D personality, allows him to connect with individuals, teams or audiences of 1000’s for incredible results driven relationships. Bob’s greatest strengths are: connecting authentically, being a consultant and confidant to executive leaders, crucial decisions, creating powerful strategies to solve constraints, perceiving what others miss, and elevating teams to higher levels. His core value is simple: “Always add incredible value to those he works with”. After working with Bob you will be a better version of yourself. Guaranteed.

Bob and Shawn, his wife of 32 years, also do executive marriage coaching.

Birthed from part of his life story, Bob is on a mission to help professionals who are living unfulfilled lives become fully alive again. He has written a coaching and retreat program that is getting rave reviews.

Contact Bob at:

(757) 650-0930