C-Suite Network™

Success From Anywhere

The C-Suite network presents Salesforce executive and best-selling author, Karen Mangia, sharing new insights on Success from Anywhere. Inside this show, you’ll discover how to beat back burnout, unlock your company’s potential and transform the way that you show up at work. Inside an innovative format, you’ll see Karen cooking up new solutions (literally) in the kitchen, or learning a new tap dancing routine, in pursuit of the beginner’s mindset. “Transformation,” Karen explains, “is an inside job.” Are you ready to access success, from the inside out?

Karen Mangia is the author of the Wall Street Journal Best-Seller, Success from Anywhere. One of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world, she is Vice President of Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce. Her other books include the runaway best-seller from the pandemic, Working from Home as well as the customer-centric Listen UP!, all from Wiley. Produced by Chris Westfall and Marie Street Media, this innovative journey is designed to enlighten and entertain – with a format that’s built around innovation, insight and new results.