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Your Life. Your Legacy.

Your legacy is more than money, property, and what you can leave for your kids. You want to leave a positive mark on the world. You want to inspire future generations. If this sounds like you but you don’t know the best way to do that, the Your Life. Your Legacy. podcast is for you. Stan Miller is the managing partner at Pinnacle Legacy Law, has established over 5,000 living trusts, and helps protect more than $4.5 billion in assets. His book “Your American Legacy: Powerful Strategies that Instill Lasting Values for Generations” was written from his experiences working with thousands of clients. Each week Stan and Legacy Director Katie Beth Hand will interview thought leaders and influencers from the world of estate planning. Attorneys, financial advisors, travel experts, health professionals and others with advice on the best ways to create your legacy. Financial advisers can help grow your nest egg. The Your Life. Your Legacy. podcast goes far beyond that. Stan and Katie Beth want to show you how to create a life that matters and inspires generations. It’s your legacy. Make it mean something.