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Whats Your Career Story

Are you still searching for the right career? Does it seem like everyone has it all figured out? Do you feel inadequate because you feel you are the only one struggling to make a career decision? Well, this podcast is dedicated to sharing career stories by career professionals to give perspective, learn from the journey and realize we are all working to find our passion. I’m your host, Dana Lofties Reeder, CEO & Founder of Reeder Consulting: College & Career Paths and I’m passionate about everything that’s career counseling. I work with both young adults and adults in over 35 different states to help each person identify ideal careers. In each Podcast, “What’s Your Career Story?” I will interview people in different high demand career fields to learn the “real story” about what it’s like to do their job, hear what they love, understand what are the challenges as well as where the industry is going in our ever-changing, fast pace world.

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