From the smallest of startups to the C-Suite of global corporations, Dr. Mike Armour has shown thousands of leaders how to step up their game. Now he brings this same wisdom and insight to his audience on Upsize Your Leadership.

Every episode explores timeless principles of management, leadership, and personal success. Dr. Mike underscores these principles with engaging stories and interviews with exceptional guests. Whether you’re a C-Suite executive, a veteran manager, or even an aspiring leader, you will always find practical, actionable ideas on Upsize Your Leadership.

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Dr. Mike Armour

Managing principal of Strategic Leadership Development International in Dallas


Dr. Mike Armour is the managing principal of Strategic Leadership Development International in Dallas. A lifelong leader, he has served as a Navy captain, a university dean, a. college president, the CEO of an international humanitarian organization, the founder of a private school, and a leader in a variety of faith-based institutions. He has authored eleven books, five in the field of leadership, and has been published in two-dozen languages.

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