Welcome to Today's Premier Experts on C-Suite Radio, hosted by Global Branding Expert, Rey Perez. This is your one-stop shop to find industry experts in a variety of niches. Rey Perez has been traveling the world for well over a decade speaking to entrepreneurs and business professionals about what makes them successful.

This show was created to take advantage of their wealth of knowledge. By interviewing experts and celebrities like Les Brown (World Renound Motivational Speaker), Marco Robinson (UK Celebrity Entreprenuer), Jeffrey Hayzlett (CEO of the C-Suite Network), and many more, we can learn what has made them successful.

When you combine expert perspectives across different industries and professions, those lessons can help achieve massive success in any business!

Rey Perez

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I entered the field of branding and marketing after spending years in promoting high-touch VIP events in the Miami nightlife scene. I saw how beneficial it was to engage others through photography and video production, and as we moved more into the digital age, the internet sped up the ability for more effective marketing.

Today, I'm even more passionate about the best ways to market and engage in order to attract better leads and convert more sales for personality-driven businesses.

Nearly half the population of the United States has the ability to watch a video within a few seconds using their smartphone, and most people own technology that is capable of capturing, editing, and posting those same videos immediately. Aside from traditional advertising spots, online video is an increasingly important part of the overall communications strategy for businesses today. Video is also one of the best tools for training your employees and reinforcing your brand.

When we come to a website, we are more inclined to buy from people we know and trust. My goal with clients is to look into the visual and marketing strategy within their brand and capitalize on their unique selling proposition (USP). The riches are truly in the niches. Therefore, I look at what clients are great at, and why they are great at it. This allows me to make clients the superstar and the brand.

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