What’s the difference between a business that survives and a business that thrives?

That’s what we’re here to find out. This podcast series is all about gaining competitive edge and achieving business success by leveraging your most valuable resource—your people.

In each episode, we talk to folks who have experienced successes and failures firsthand, from acquisitions and corporate turnarounds to leadership shifts and fast-paced business growth. See how our guests have transformed their world of work, and learn how you can do the same.

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Jason Ferrara

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at OutMatch HCM

Website: https://outmatch.com/resources/talent-playbook-podcast/

I am a creative and energetic marketing and business development leader with extensive global BtoB, SaaS and digital marketing experience. I have expert knowledge of all areas of marketing including brand development, communications, demand generation, product management and development, advertising, promotions, e-commerce, customer lifecycle and loyalty, competitive intelligence, sales support, segmentation, social, market research and strategy.

I also have rich business development and sales experience. I have met with C-level officers of Fortune 500 companies to founders of start ups and every employee in between. I have built technical integration partnerships as well as reseller and revenue share partnerships.

Along with the core marketing and business development skills, I have extensive experience identifying quality talent, and building and leading high performance teams. Throughout my career, I have been called upon to lead transformational change among the marketing teams, within a company, and within markets. This has led me to think and move quickly, but also communicate clearly so those that should be on board stay and those that don't move on.

I like to say, "It all starts with the customer." Doing so generates the right research, the right strategy, the right goals, the right metrics, the right content, the right product, and the right programs.

Charles Summers


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