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The Confident Retirement

The Confident Retirement Podcast with Kris Flammang and Mark Picchi aims to empower listeners with simple, common sense financial wisdom. Kris and Mark are the partners of LPF Advisors, a financial services firm in Sarasota, Florida. On the show, they deliver entertaining insight and a wealth of knowledge from experts in the financial world. From time to time, Kris and Mark share their own experiences as financial experts – how to retire in a way that’s aligned with what people seek most – the right advice from the right people at the right time in the right way based on what they value most in life.Each week on The Confident Retirement Podcast, Kris and Mark bring you experts who are in the trenches everyday – assisting people with life’s big decisions and navigating the certainty of uncertainty. Join them for dynamic conversations highlighting tried and tested strategies to feel more confident in your financial journey.