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Success to Significance: Life After Breaking Through Glass Ceilings

Are you trying to reach another level in your business or life? Whether it’s losing weight, developing better relationships, or starting a new business or career; we’ve all encountered glass ceilings! And sometimes we just need a little help or want to stop feeling we are alone in our quest. We are here to help, and you won’t have to lose any more sleep over what or how you can take the next step and break through your current ceiling! Welcome to the Success to Significance podcast, a show that helps you navigate through life after breaking through glass ceilings. Let host Jen Du Plessis guide you not only into success, but into significance and making an impact. Jen Du Plessis is a Mortgage Mastery Mentor, with over 37 years of experience in the financial industry, owning several businesses and breaking through glass ceilings. She is recognized as an Influencer; as a best-selling author, top podcast host and highly sought out speaker; speaking on stages with such icons as Darren Hardy, Tony Robins and Les Brown.Today Jen is passionate about empowering others to achieve professional and personal breakthroughs so that they stop the daily chaos to get calm in their life and business. She loves helping her clients identify their priorities to gain back control of their business and life. She is guiding her coaching students to attract clients rather than chasing them. And lastly, she is devoted to helping each student’s business grow year-over-year instead of them hitting the reset button to have the same results year-after-year.Jen lives in the beautiful hunt country of Northern Virginia with her caring and giving husband. In her free time, she enjoys ballroom dancing, spending time with her grandkids, traveling, and donating her services to her church.You are not alone. Everyone’s going through different struggles at different times. But there is life after breaking through glass ceilings! Let Jen and her guests help you figure out what’s next for YOU. You have so much more value to give. Don’t wait! Break through from success to significance with us today!