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Parenting with Impact

The Parenting with Impact Podcast with Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster, co-creators of ImpactParents.com, inspires parents and professionals guiding complex kids, teens and young adults all over the world to become capable, independent adults. ImpactParents.com is an online community, award-winning blog, and direct service provider for parents and professionals. Elaine and Diane are certified professional coaches with their own lived experience raising children with complex challenges such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, gender identity issues, and more. Drawing from both personal and professional experience, they teach and inspire parents and professionals to raise and empower complex kids with confidence and calm. Scroll down for links and to download a free parenting guide.   The Parenting with Impact Podcast will: Feature leading experts, bringing you cutting edge information to address your child’s challenges Teach you real-life, practical strategies for creating lasting change Demonstrate how a coach-approach can improve all of your communications, one conversation at a time   For the essentials of ImpactParent’s coach-approach to parenting, download a free parenting guide at: ImpactParents.com/Podcast   Find out about Sanity School®, a program for Parents, at: https://impactparents.com/programs-offerings/parent-training-sanity-school/   For information about professional continuing education: https://impactparents.com/for-professionals/    Visit Impact Parents at: https://impactparents.com/