We fear change, yet desire influence. Knights of the Revolutionary Leader: Conversations of Influence and Change on C-Suite Radio Network features everyday people to highly influential leaders. I invite you to partake in a conversation of nobility and courage as a leader is dubbed a Knight at the Round Table of Life. Listen as they share the intimate details of their darkest hour in the battle of life to a victorious rise of influence through authenticity and vulnerability. Learn the power of Revolutionary Leadership to increase productivity and fortify your life. .

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Kristie Knights

Host, Psychotherapist, Best Selling Author, and Professional Speaker


Kristie Knights is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Collaborative Divorce Coach, Mediator, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Founder and CEO of a 501c3 Non-Profit, iRise Leadership Institute. Most recently, she founded UnSung Heroes Publishing House in late 2016. In her private practice, she has helped guide hundreds of clients, both nationally and internationally, to lead a life of joy and purpose.

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