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Keep Leading!®

The Keep Leading!® podcast is for people passionate about leadership. It is dedicated to promoting leadership development and sharing leadership insights. Join your host Eddie Turner, The Leadership Excelerator®, as he speaks with accomplished leaders and people of influence across the globe. Guests include Haben Girma (#14), Simon T. Bailey (#19), Marcia Reynolds (#24), Sally Helgesen (#26), Greg Williams (#34), Marshall Goldsmith (#46), Chester Elton (#51), Maya Hu-Chan (#67), Karl Mecklenburg (#77), Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez (#84) and Dorie Clark (#121)—to name a few. Visit www.KeepLeadingPodcast.com for detailed information on each guest including links to their book and an episode transcript. For more information visit www.EddieTurnerLLC.com. Follow Eddie Turner on Twitter and Instagram at @eddieturnerjr. Like Eddie Turner LLC on Facebook. Connect with Eddie Turner on LinkedIn.